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Dhofar Integrated Services Company serves the people of Dhofar governorate, covering electricity, water and wastewater. The company aims to raise the quality of these services and make them more efficient, reliable and accessible. It is expanding the service network by adopting strategies that reduce wastage, improve access, and achieve customer satisfaction.

Dhofar Integrated Services Company’s electricity grid crosses the mountains of Dhofar over difficult terrain, covering 80km from Salalah to Thumrait in the north, 50km from Salalah to Mughsail in the west and for 150km from Salalah to Sadah in the west, catering to even the remotest areas with sparse population.

The electricity service network in and around Salalah caters to high population density areas with customers ranging from households, industrial, commercial and tourism customers.

The water services provided by the Company cover all the Willayats of Dhofar Governorate and include a main water network covering the main cities (Salalah, Taqah, and Mirbat). The two water desalination plants in the Ashur, that have a combined total capacity of 40 million gallons per day are the main source of water in the main network. Water networks extend from these two stations and include the main pumping lines for the three Willayats to feed the public reservoirs. The storage capacity of water in the Salalah city from reservoirs is 47 million gallons. In addition to the desalination plants, there are back-up ground wells with production capacity of approximately 9 million gallons per day, namely the Al-Saada water wells and the Salalah water wells (total of 23 wells). The length of the water network in Salalah city is 1,661 km, and it includes pipelines that distribute water to homes. As for the remaining Willayats, the water is supplied through independent desalination plants and local water distribution networks.

The wastewater network in Salalah covers more than 900 km and the percentage of coverage according to the concession area in Salalah city is 90%. According to the updated plans and new introduced areas, 70% coverage has been achieved and the company aims as per the plans to cover 95% of the city by 2025

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